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Commercial Roof Restoration

Roof restoration systems can extend the life of a commercial roof and offer significant cost savings compared to a full replacement. A Commercial Roof Restoration extends the life of your roof with  our recommended coatings, repairs and preventive maintenance.

Flat roof restoration in Chicago, IL can be simple and hassle-free when you work with us here at Stergo Roofing. That is because with one simple phone call, you will have all the needs of your flat roof taken care of by one company. We specialize in flat roofing projects of all kinds. All of our work is high-quality, includes the finest roofing material, is done by professionals, and is backed by a comprehensive warranty.
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All roofing surfaces are properly prepared for maximum adhesion and penetration of roofing materials. In far too many instances, company’s have assumed it is necessary to replace the entire roof because they simply cannot stop leaks! We have proven during our 40 years of business there have been many cases where the roof did not need to be completely replaced. Work done improperly by previous contractors never truly addressed open roof areas. Our attention to detailed repair work has saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars by having their roof repaired properly with Stergo Roofing’s full job warranty.
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We know we work in a highly competitive market, so our state certified team of roofers proudly offers industrial roofing solutions that give great value for the asked for price. Our solutions are both affordable and time sensitive. We understand downtime in a manufacturing environment could irreparably harm your business, so we make a concerted effort to minimize or hopefully eliminate downtime altogether. Therefore, it is paramount that we keep you up to date on your project’s status at all times. In the same way, open and honest communication is vital to ensuring a good working relationship with us at Stergo Roofing.
All roofing systems require preventive maintenance. In order to prolong the normal life expectancy and avoid major replacement costs, we provide annual preventative maintenance inspections, repairs and drain cleaning free of charge for the entire length of warranted work. Stergo Roofing provides the highest level of guarantees on our products and services, and only offers the highest professional industrial roofing in Chicago, IL. We ensure absolute satisfaction for the services we are entrusted to deliver. No project is complete until you are satisfied.
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